Product - Instant Mix - Rave iDli mix

Rave iDli mix
This traditional dish can be made in minutes - Just add thick curd to ooTa tinDi Rave IDli mix, mix well and steam. Delicious iDlis are ready to eat and get your day started.
suji (semolina), Bengal gram (KaDle bELe or Chana dal), Urad dal, Mustard, Green chilli, Curry leaves, salt, Raising agent
Preparation time
10 minutes (mixing with curd and getting water to a boil)
Cooking time
15 minutes
200 gm, 500 gm
Potato curry (Bombay Aloo or Aloo Bhaji), Coconut chutney, Sambar
What you need
ooTa tinDi Rave Idli mix
Thick curd
Chopped coriander leaves
Fried cashews
Grated carrots
Kitchen Notes
Do not use buttermilk or water. Use regular curds. Plain Nandini curds works fine.
Mix the rave iDli mix and curds together only after water starts boiling and cook immediately. Do not let the batter to soak.
No need to add salt. Tastes very nice with coconut chutney and Bombay Aloo bhaaji.

Cooking Direction

# Steps
1 Take 1:1 rave iDli mix and curds in separate containers.
2 Mix in chopped coriander leaves with the rave iDli mix.
3 Grease iDli trays. Take enough water and bring it to a boil in iDli cooker.
4 To enhance taste and presentation, keep a fried cashew nut on the iDli tray before pouring the batter on the tray.
5 Once the water starts boiling, mix the rave iDli mix and curds together and spoon into the iDli trays. Steam it in the iDli cooker on high for 15 minutes.
6 Fluffy and delicious Idlis are ready to serve.