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Uppittu mix
Create a delicious breakfast within minutes to get your family ready for the day. UppiTTu is a traditional breakfast dish. Its main ingredient is suji (semolina) which helps you feel full longer. It is also referred to as upma
suji (semolina), Bengal gram (KaDle bELe or Chana dal), Urad dal, Mustard, Green chilli, Curry leaves, salt
Preparation time
5-10 minutes (boil water)
Cooking time
Under 5-10 minutes
200 gm
Coconut chutney, Sambar
What you need
1 measure ooTa tinDi uppiTTu mix
2 measure of water
Grated coconut
chopped coriander leaves
fried onions

Cooking Direction

# Steps
1 Warm one cup of uppiTTu mix and add two cups of boiling water. Mix well
2 To add flavour, you can fry onions and add to the dish
3 Allow it to cook over a moderately low flame. Stir occasionally
4 When cooked add some grated coconut, a little lime juice and mix well
5 Delicious Uppittu is ready to serve.