Product - Instant Mix - maddur vaDe mix

maddur vaDe mix
Tea-time snack companion
suji (semolina), rice flour, peanuts, sesame, Green chilli, Curry leaves, salt, oil
Preparation time
15 minutes (mixing chopped onion with the mix)
Cooking time
15 minutes
200 gm
Coconut chutney
What you need
ooTa tinDi maddur vaDe mix
finely Chopped onions
Kitchen Notes
Do not add water while mixing the maddur vaDe mix with onions
Sprinkle water only after 15 minutes if required
No need to add salt. Tastes very nice with coconut chutney.

Cooking Direction

# Steps
1 Mix maddur vaDe mix with finely chopped onions well and keep aside for 15 minutes.
2 Knead the mix well until the dough comes together in a tight firm ball. Sprinkle little water if necessary.
3 Heat oil well on medium low flame, make 3mm thick discs of the dough and fry till light golden brown. Serve with coconut chutney. Enjoy hot crispy maddur vaDe.