Product - Instant Mix - rave dOse mix

rave dOse mix
Delicious instant breakfast mix for a crispy start to the day
Suji (Semolina), Rice flour, Maida, Jeera, Green chilli, Curry leaves, Salt, Oil
Preparation time
5-6 minutes
Cooking time
5 minutes
200 gm
vegetable saagu, Coconut chutney
What you need
1 measure rave dOse mix
1/4 measure buttermilk
oil to shallow fry

Cooking Direction

# Steps
1 Mix rave dOse mix with buttermilk and rest for 5 minutes.
2 Heat tava(preferably cast iron tava) over medium flame.
3 Mix water to the rave dOse mix to bring to a thin consistency(buttermilk consistency).
4 Once the tava is heated well, spread the rave dOse batter and fry with a spoon of oil till crisp.
5 Serve hot ooTa tinDi rave dOse with fresh vegetable saagu and/or chutney.