Product - Masala powder - HuLi puDi

HuLi puDi
A nutritious dish also know as Sambar, with wholesome goodness of vegetables giving a balanced diet in your meal.
Coriander seeds (Dhaniya), Bengal gram (Chana dal), Black gram (Urad dal), fenugreek (Methi), Red chillies
Preparation time
20 minutes (Cooking toor dal)
Cooking time
20 minutes
100 gm (4 servings), 200 gm (8 servings)
What you need
1 tablespoon ooTa tinDi huLi puDi
100ml of Toor dal
500gm vegetables of choice
chopped coriander leaves

Cooking Direction

# Steps
1 Cook 100ml of Toor dal with desired vegetables, a little ghee and turmeric powder.
2 Add tamarind juice, chopped tomatoes, Jaggery (optional), curry leaves and one tbsp of huLi puDi and boil.
3 Add salt to taste.
4 Temper with Mustard in ghee and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
5 Delicious Sambar is ready to serve.